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Welcome to the world of lavender! To the land of Yfantia

Yfantia Terra
a few facts about..


Its name originates from the latin word lavare, which means ❝to wash❞

Lavender is found in many places of the world, from Cape Verde to the Canary Islands, in Europe, in North and East Africa, in the Mediterranean basin, in West Asia as well as Southeast India

Its sweet aroma, with its relaxing and uplifting qualities, leaves users with a unique sense of calmness and balance

Lavender is used extensively in aromatherapy and the perfume industry

Yfantia Terra | Dried Blossoms

Bio Dried Blossoms

Mounted on a specially constructed pad it contains dried flowers of the plant, whipping nature fragrance, lavender fragrance!


Yfantia Terra | Essential Oils

Bio Essential Oils

A clean distillate from 100% organic lavender, grown and distilled exclusively in our installations



Yfantia Terra | Lavender Water

Bio Lavender Water

The lavender flower water is pure distilled water resulting during the distillation of the herb



In Yfantia Terra we attach great importance to the ecological character of lavender cultivation. For this, all of our products are 100% organic, biological and unadulterated, with no toxic or other additives