Organic laveder blossoms

Dried lavender blossoms (dry lavender flowers) are mainly used as air freshneres. They are also placed in the bed restraint during the night for a peaceful night’s sleep, as their odor significantly removes the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia

Because of its insect-repellent effect, dried lavender is also placed in closets and drawers, offering at the same time a strong sense of freshness

Organic essential oils

Lavender essential oils are used mainly for massage or during the bath. The recommended dosage is about 8 drops of the essential oil in the bath water or 2-3 drops per 10ml of the vegetable oil used in the massage, so as the body begins to feel its beneficial properties

In addition to massage and bathing, lavender essential oil, in combination with a typical burner, can also be used as a room deodorizer. Just mix water with 4-5 drops of the essential oil within the burner and light up the candle

Organic lavender water

With lavender flower water one can spray the hair or the skin and instantly feel the sense of freshness offered by the smell of the lavender plant

Lavender flower water can also be used to spray spaces, bed sheets or even closets

Yfantia Terra’s lavender flower water is filtered with a UV filter so as to prevent any alterations from extraneous agents

Eye mask

The eye pads contain about 50 grams of dried organic lavender blossoms, placed inside specially sewn 25x10cm pads for easy head application.

The pads are positioned on the eyes, providing relaxation and tranquility with their lavender scent. This is why they are perfect both for use at home during sleeping hours as well as Yoga Centers at all stages of the sessions.

Organic herbs infused olive oil

Olive oil with extracts of organic herbs in 100 ml packaging. You can select among various herbs, such as: lavender, oregano, salvia and rosemary. The oil is easily absorbed without causing greasy skin

Yfantia Terra’s olive grove is located at Imeri Elia, in Neos Marmaras, Chalkidiki, and the olive trees themselves are over 80 years old. Generaly, the oil produced in the area is very low in acidity. The olive grove, as well as the mill, which is located in the Parthenon settlement of Neos Marmaras, Chalkidiki, are both biologically certified by the respective Control and Certification Bodies

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