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George Yfantidis

Yfantia Terra is a family business based in Northen Greece, engaged in the cultivation of Angustifolia organic lavender and the production of dry blossoms (dried flowers of the plant), essential oils and lavender flower water.

The Company started its activity in 2013 when George Yfantidis, a graduate of the Department of Economics of the Aristotle Univesity of Thessaloniki, after several years of research as regards to the cultivation of aromatic plants as well as his participation in specialized seminars coducted from certified domestic and foreigner bodies, he created the first lavender distillery in the region of Askos in Lagadas – Thessaloniki.

The choice of lavender was not random, of course. Lavender, besides its wonderful aroma, is a plant that can be treated in numerous ways while it is widely used in many industries, such as those of aromatotherapy and the perfume industry.

Lavender is also a plant offering many benefits to those who use it. Some of these benefits include the reduction of tension in the nervous system, the relief from pain, the smooth fuctioning of the circulatory system and many more.

Yfantia Terra | Lavender field view
Yfantia Tera | The natural plant of lavender

George’s and his associates desire to create pesticides and chemical free products lead from the first moment to the cultivation of exclusively organic plants.

That said, the lavender plants grown in the fields of Yfantia Terra grow naturally without the use of any synthetic or other chemical formulations. This way, they are much healthier for the human body and environmentally friendly at the same time.

The vertical integration of the production unit of Yfantia Terra in Askos – Lagada (cultivation – distillation – fomulation and packaging) is one of its main advantages, allowing the Company to control every step of the production process, from seeds sowing to the packaging of the final products.

Yfantia Terra is certified from “ΔΗΩ”, an organization responsible for the control and certification of organic products in Greece, whereas all of its products are characterized as “Vegan” under The Vegan Society.

Yfantia Terra | Preparation for the distillation of lavender